how to do these effects?

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      hey guys i am making some videos of game and i saw this video and this person is bulgarian so he cant answer my quesions.
      so can you guys hell me with it?

      can you guys tell me those sony vegas effects i listed below?

      can you tell me 3 things please?

      1) what is the effect in 0:47 ?

      2) what are the effects from 1:06-1:27 ??

      3) how to highlight a player like? you did at 1:29 of that hanzinza drifter ???


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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Irecognizea few of these effects from After Effects. It looks like a combination of Twitch (plugin), Bad TV (preset), and probably a time-remapping plugin like time shuffler. Bad TV comes with After Effects but here are a couple of links for the others:

      I can’t guarantee that’s how this person got that look, but these are my best guesses.

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      thanks a lot mike.

      but 1 thing more how to highlight a player like he did at 1:29 of that hanzinza drifter with a rectangle and the a sort of red flash on his car ???

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      That looks like it was done manually, also in After Effects.

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