How to cut out part of the video clip and replace it with another.

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      Hello everyone, I’m still learning Premier Pro and I wonder if you can help me. I’m working on Premier Pro CS4. Here’s my question. If I have 5 clips with audio in my time line, and say clip3 is 4 minutes long. But between 2-3 minutes the video gets very shaky and ugly(videographer’s fault). So I want to cut out ONLY that part of the clip(just the video and not the audio) and replace it with another clip, and ultimately still remain with a 4 minute long clip and still use the same audio. How do I do that?

      Is there a way to sort of “cut and replace with another” in PP? I know how to cut and delete the part I don’t want, but my challenge is getting the new clip(the one I want to replace with) to be the same length as the part that I cut out. I hope I’m making sense. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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      First you’ll have to ‘unlink’ the video from the audio on the clip you want o get rid of. Right click on the clip and a contextual menu appears. Choose ‘unlink.’ Click outside of the selection to deselect. Now you can shorten the video part of the clip without shortening the audio.

      There are several way to replace the video. The easiest way is to go to the end of your project and insert the clip of replacement video. Unlink the video and audio. Delete the audio of the replacement clip. Drag in the end of the video clip until you know it is shorter than the length you need. Now drag the clip over to the area you wanted to fill and expand the clip by dragging out the edges to fill in the space. If you don’t understand that you really should invest a little time learning basic editing, help screens and tutorials.

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       Right click on content in the timeline you want to edit.  In the menu find “unlink.”  Now click in another area so that you deselect the timeline.  Go back to the time line you want to edit and do your cuts.  You will note that only the video or audio where you place the mouse arrow will be sliced instead of the video and audio being sliced together.

      Expermient and you will realize the function you are looking for.  Good luck. S4N

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      Thank you so much for your help guys. Now that you’ve explained this, I found it to be very simple excercise.

      Thanks for your help.

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