How to create a video highlight reel?

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 Is there any free way to make an easy video highlight reel of my favorite sports team?

Please help me!

Also, is there any place to find highlights to put in the video? Because I do not have any, and would like to know how to find highlights.


Thanks in advance!

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No and No. All professional sports videos are protected by copyright, so any downloading you do from television will be in violation of US copyright laws. Most teams produce and sell highlight DVDs, however, featuring the best moments of each season. Google your teams on the web and you'll find them.


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...And no.

Yes you can make such a video in a training environment like a class. But even then, the NFL will have wanted you to pay for the right to use that footage. Jack pretty much called it with his suggestions. More than likely, you will go through all the hassle and effort to edit a piece and put it up on the 'Tube only to get it yanked by the NFL.

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