How to create a transparent over layer in top of a video in sony vegas 11

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      Hi, im trying to accomplish this effect in sony vegas 11 but not sure if is even possible. Will greatly appreciate it if someone could help.

      Please see the following picture, there is a transparent circle in top of a video playing.


      circle in top of video playing

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      Easiest way is to create the circle in a paint program and save it with a transparent background — as a .png or .gif file.

      Bring it into Vegas and put it on a line of its own, above your video. Then pull down the opacity envelope on that line to adjust the transparency.


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      Thanks Jack, I will try that.

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      Hi Jack,

       I am trying to do the same as your instruction above, but when added the .gif into the timeline in sony vegas, my resolution downgrade to match the gif res (loose quality). Is there a setting to set so my current project resolution won't change?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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