How to copy plug-in settings

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      I installed Vegas 10 on my laptop this morning so I could do a bit of editing on the road. I know per the Vegas agreement that you can install the program on up to 3 computers – and so far this would be the 2nd.

      My question is I have dozens of plug-in presets saved on my PC. How do I copy those to another computer? I know how to copy the layouts, but am having difficulties pinpointing where the plug-in information may be stored.


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      They should be in the ‘plug-ins’ folder. If you’re using Vista or Win7 go to Program Files (if not using 64-bit it will be the ‘x86’ version) then go to the Sony folder and look up the version of Vegas Pro you have. Open that folder and there will be a list of plug-ins. If you have additional 3rd party plug-ins, they may either be there too or in separate folders according to their brand. Copy the plug-ins and put them in the appropriate Vegas plug-in folder on your other machine. Be advised, depending on the copy protection if any, you may have to re-register the plug-ins so I might just be easier to just install them from scratch on your other rig.

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