how to convert .m2t files???

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      I was able to import the raw footage from my camcorder to my iBook very easily…. however I can not find a free converter to convert the file to something readable!!!

      any ideas or programs that you know of that would be helpful????

      thanks for any help


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       What will you be editing in?  Have you tried MPEG Steamclip?

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      I just wanted to be able to convert the .m2t file to a .mpeg file. I tried steamclip, however my quicktime codec was not updated enough and apple wanted 20 dollars for the update which I cannot do…. any other ideas???

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      Daniel Bruns

      Hey Jarrod,

      MPEG Streamclip is the better suggestion by far but I’ve also heard of people using a program called AVI Demux to some success: software isn’t as trustworthy in my opinion as MPEG Streamclip but may get the job done for you – and for free! It’s technically a video editor, but you should be able to import your .m2t file and export the whole clip as a regular ol’ .mpg file.

      Also, you should try and use a video player called VLC to open the m2t file. I’ve done this before and it worked quite well. If you just want to be able to read this file outside of a video editing program, this could be the way to go. Good luck and please tell me if any of these programs work!

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      I got Steamclip to work as I was able to update the quicktime codec….

      thanks for all your help and support, the only thing is that its really slow on my G4 ibook, however beggars cant be choosers!!!!!

      thanks again


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      Jarrod, Right at this moment I am transcoding ex-m2ts files from my own HD camcorder to mpg2; very good mpg2 as it happens. For that I am using TMPGEnc ‘Video Mastering Works 5’, for the use of the very good codecs it has. Another advantage, is that once you have committed your transcoding to ‘batch’ processing, there seems to be no reason not to switch-off, then restart the parent programme, and get at least partway through teeing-up the next project to save time later.

      Although I am reluctant to run anything CPU or RAM-intensive while transcoding as well, it seems to do no harm to carry the next incoming process partway through, eg loading and numbering the clips ready for trimming to length and other processing after thebatch processes are completed. ‘Panasonic’ provided me with software to do this job on the DVD which accompanied my camcorder, but TMPGEncdoes it better. I put that down to the fact that I am able to run the TMPGEnc software somewhat slower, whereas, with the supplied software, quality may have been sacrificed to speed, to a certain extent.

      And, ‘Avidemux’? I’ve used it a bit and it works well, however, it wouldn’t permit me to use ‘Muksun 2.1’ my favourite de-interlace, since all ‘filters’ in ‘Avidemux’ are in the form of *.dll, and Muksun’ is a ‘vdf’ files as with ‘Virtualdub’, so there is no ‘carry-over’.

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      I have been using a free utility downloaded from Sony’s website called R_util.exe. It is intended to take the .m2t files from CF cards recorded in their card recorder and piece them together into a single file. The final files are easily edited in Premiere.

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      Another good app for the Mac is Remux. What I like about it is that it converts without re-encoding and keeps the date-stamp of the original file.

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      You can achieve your goal with the help of Pavtube Video Converter for Mac/Windows. The free trail can do the conversion excellently except the watermark on free trial version. If you want to remove it, you can purchase it with the affordable price.

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