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      How would I go about making a video like that, with my webcam? In the video, the performer records himself playing the chords to the song, and then records the lead guitar part, and then puts them together and each individual video is playing alongside eachother with a split screen view, with both video and audio coming through from both files. How can i do this? Is there a program you can recommend?

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      Any editing program that has PIP should be able to do this. I know that Premeire Elements can do it.

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      The way that he did probably did it in the youtube video was to record both parts then just use the split screen function on any more advanced NLE.

      Or any NLE that has multi track capabilities. Just stack the two videos in the timeline and crop out where the second video should go. I use this feature all of the time. Easy as pie.

      I’ll tell you, the PiP function that the GIBLYGOOD recommended might be much more difficult.

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      Using picture in picture that is available in any editing program that can support multiple video tracks will do this effect and better. Final Cut Express, Sony Vegas Platinum, and Premier Elements are each inexpensive options that can give you this ability.

      Using PIP will give you the flexibility of creating a layered montage effect with each video element playing in different areas and sizes on the screen. You could then layer this over another background such as a virtual set, screenshot, or stock photo. In all of the programs above, the effect is very easy to do. Just remember that as you stack video tracks, the ones on the bottom in your timeline will appear in the background on your screen. Each program sizes and positions the playback windows just a little differently, but none of them are hard to figure out.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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