How to change video colour??

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      Hye all,

      I’m new here. So, please forgive me if I had any wrong here..

      Emm, is there any plug-ins or ways that I can do to change my video colour into like this video? bcoz it’s colour looks nice to me πŸ˜€


      thanks,, …

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      Cheaply, you can mess with color correction options in your editing software. If you want something a little more direct, Magic Bullet looks is very powerful and has plenty of presets to get you started.

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      Try decreasing the blue and increasing the red and green shadows colour balance, all very slightly. Then blend in a little bit of sepia and add a light gaussian blur and you should be in the general area.

      Magic Bullet Looks will definitely get you there, but the price tag might scare you off. There is a free version available that may do the trick, but not if you are using Vegas πŸ™

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      If you’re using Vegas you really don’t need Magic Bullet Looks. Using the Color Correction tool, the Secondary Color Corrector and Curves should give you all the control you’ll need.

      There’s some really good information regarding color correction here, too:

      The Secret World of Colour Correction


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      Hi, if you aren’t familiar with the color options, I would advise you to use some video editors to adjust the color. No need to change one kind of special color, you just need to adjust the saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature, hue or gamma.

      You may refer to the simple tutorial to learn it more:

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