How to burn with Premiere cs4?

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      Hi folks,

      I want to know,how you can burn a movie that you edit in adobe premiere cs4.I did expore it,but I stay at

      Adobe Media Encoder.What I have to do.

      The earlier version you can go directly to make a movie.

      PLEASE,it is URGENT. You can e-mail at:

      I am waiting for your reply.


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      Adobe has pretty good instructions online. See if this helps:

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      I assume you mean that you want to make a playable DVD.

      You can’t create a DVD directly from the Premiere Pro time line any longer. You now have to take your video filel to Encore.

      I believe the command is File>Export>To Encore. Which will export the file and bring it into an Encore timeline so that you can author it there.

      You could also use the Adobe Media Encoder. Choose the preset for MPEG-2 DVD. This will produce a Video File and separate audio file. Open Encore or another DVD authoring program and then import the file sand author the dvd there.

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      Thanks for the info. I just exported an my dv footage to 720 x 480 dv avi. I then imported to Encore timeline and setup dvd. BUT when Encore was transcoding the avi to mpeg it would freeze at a certain place in the avi and then report a transcoding failure.

      Now I want to use Adobe Media Encoder to export from premier timeline to mpeg2. The dvd is two hours long what bitrate should I use? I don’t know very much about bitrates or how to calculate them.



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      Hi Troie

      The easiest is to select your timeline in Premiere, and then select File – Adobe Dynamic Link – Send to Encore.

      Burning a DVD is still a bit of a learning curve. There are good online tutorials on for both PP CS4 and Encore.


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