How to automatize video files processing?

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      How to automatize video files processing?

      I often have to do with video files processing: converting them to FLV format, making screenshots etc, in other words, with boring single-type tasks. As a matter of fact, all simple operations I have to perform at that (opening video editor, opening file in it, running process) dont take much time, but it is only in case of a single file.

      Processing several files becomes much more difficultL. In addition to all Im very lazy 🙂

      Ive decided to automatize this process somehow and at that, to minimize the number of operations.

      I wont describe all ideas Ive tried. Only tell I didnt like bat files (as it needs to insert paths etc.).

      Unfortunately, Im not a developer to create my own program. Ive almost humbled with all my unsuccessful tries when found video editor that can process video without running application or bat files.

      You only should copy video files to necessary folder in the explorer!

      Im not sure about everybody, but like this application ([b][url=]Watermark Master[/url][/b])!

      It is exactly what I need!

      [url=]Here[/url] you can read how to configure this application.

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      If you’re using Adobe Flash you should be able to automate your process in the ‘Commands’ menu. Go to page 49 in your Flash pdf manual (or download a copy from the adobe site) and it will explain the process.

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