How to add a still photo to movie footage?

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      I am an elementary school teacher and my students are doing a weekly video broadcast of our announcements. Is there a way to add still photos to a movie? I need something simple and cheap because we have no budget. I’d like to have my news anchors be able to take the digital camera to events and maybe snap a couple of photos, then be able to add the picture they took at an event to our video. I don’t know how to do this short of having a copy of the picture made, then videotaping the picture and adding that to the footage. That is more time consuming than I would like for it to be. I would appreciate any help you could give to me. Thank you!

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      We are going to need a little more info to help you on this. If you are editing your video then all the video editing programs that I am aware of will alow you to easily add a still photo to the time line and incorporate it with your video.

      Makin the assumption that you are using a video editing program, post what software and I am sure someone here can advise you on the process.

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      Here’s how I do it with Adobe Premiere Elements or Pro

      1. Copy and paste photo to desktop on the left side.

      2. Re-size edit program window to open up and show the left side of desktop.

      3. Drag and drop photo into the media bin (for Adobe its on the top left).

      4. Then just double click to edit like its a video.


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      Mot (if not all) Non-linear editors (NLE’s) will do this. It can be done in easily in Sony Vegas (any variety).

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      Right now I have no editing program and I would welcome a recommendation. I don’t have much experience with this sort of thing yet, so I need something simple for me to learn so I can teach my students. I have Windows Movie Maker on my computer, but I am guessing I should purchase an actual editing program. Is Sony Vegas easy to use or would Adobe Premiere Elements be a better choice? I appreciate your replies!

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      If you just wish to simply add a photo to video footage, then Windows Movie Maker would suffice. If, however, you are looking to expand in the future an editing program like Vegas Movie Studio would work great. It’s a smaller version of Sony’s Vegas Pro software, and has a very easy learning curve.


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      the best choice should be Windows Movie Maker. It cost you nothing if you have Windows on your computer and Windows Movie Maker is included. This tutorial: gives you details about how to do it in movie maker. It also has a video tutorial for you. If you have no Windows installed on your computer but Mac, you can choose iMovie. It can also do this job well. show you how to do it.

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      Thank you so much for being so helpful!

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