How much would you charge for a job like this?

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      Pricing estimate for filmming/editing/dvd creation.

      Hello all, I’m new here and thought I would ask some people’s opinions on pricing for a job that I am working on.

      In short, I took a job to create a dvd that will be used for a company who work with people with special needs. The dvd is meant to show a variety of activities that their clients might be interested in doing. This could be anything from golf, basketball, knitting, drawing, cooking classes etc. It’s really anything. The actual footage doesn’t have to be anything special, but it should show what it is and give a brief synopsis that might peak the clients interest.

      In total, they are expecting about 40 or so different activities. (Each clip runs from about 1 – 2mins)

      This includes all the pre-prod, filmming, editing and building the DVD.

      So my question is, how much would one charge for something like this? It’s just me doing this (and a possible help from a friend for some of the shooting)

      Thanks for any feedback!


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      The “ball park” estimate for commercial work remains at, or around a thousand dollars per finished minute.

      I charge $175 per hour for shooting and $75 per hour for editing. I advise clients that editing, generally speaking, averages about one-hour per finished minute and that this rate of completion should give them an idea of what editing will cost – could be slightly higher, could be lower.

      I do have experience, can provide referrals and have examples of my work. This all makes a difference to the client when considering my rates. However, I still fall well below the industry “ball park” average of $1k per finished minute.

      I am always willing to dicker over my rates, and will take in to consideration, or not, the complexity of the project when determining the fees. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to get what is agreed upon in writing – in this day and age, and especially in commercial work, a handshake is not enough. There comes a time when your client will remember things differently from what you said, and you will too. Having it all spelled out in writing will greatly reduce the headaches that are sure to follow.

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      Hmmm, well, as I said the actual shooting isn’t anything special. They said they would even be fine with stock footage (but that stuff aint cheap!) The point is to simply show the activity, although I’m sure it is best shown using different angles as opposed to just a locked off tripod.
      I’m beginning to think my original estimate of 2500 is a tad under. Although this is my first actual “professional” project of this scale.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      $3k per video.

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