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      Hi there! Just needed a couple of ideas/comments for the experienced videographers here on how much to charge on B rolls? I talked to the client and they wanted me to work 8 hrs and do a rough edit on all the footage that I’ll have.

      Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

      Thank you & good day!


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      Oh, I have a Canon T2i and I own a couple of lenses (24-70L, 50mm 1.4, 55-250mm, 11-16mm, 18-55mm) and I have a tripod & glidetrack as well. I am not really sure what to charge hourly for this. Since I am just taking basically video footage it will be easy. But anyways, thanks for the comments!

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      “It will be easy” doesn’t count for anything. You’re supplying your equipment, your time and your expertise for a full day of work. Our company would charge $750 for the 8 hour day of shooting by a single videographer; $80 per hour for editing.

      We break it down into two charges, one for shooting, one for editing, and get paid for the shoot at the end of the day. The tape belongs to the client and they may decide to have someone else do the editing, or decide not to follow through with the project at all, in which case you could end up not getting paid. Think of yourself as a “day laborer” and get your money in hand when you’ve finished work.


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      Thanks for that feedback Jack! Helped me a lot! πŸ™‚

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