How much did you say you love doing weddings?

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      So, tell me again, how much did you say you LOVE doing ONLY wedding video productions? E.C. Come, E.C. Go video production and marketing blog online since 2004.

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      Earl, once again I find wisdom on your site. Thank you.

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      I used to love it.

      Now I think it reminds me of an old joke….

      I saw this guy walking down the street wincing in pain. I was about to ask him “what’s wrong? Are you ok?” when it became obvious why he was in pain… he had a pair of vice grips clamped onto his groin. “What is WRONG with you? Why are you doing that to yourself?!!!” I exclaimed….

      “‘Cause it feels REAL GOOD WHEN I STOP!” he smiled back at me…

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      Great words of wisdom – I have only completed one wedding, done as a gift for a friend. I spent about 16 hours with the B&G shadowing both (just me) all day and then the wedding itself (separate ceremony & reception) – No rehearsal, just winging it.

      Then I spent at least 200 hours in post, editing to microscopic cuts, music, assets, special fx, authoring, etc…

      Was it worth it? As a gift to a special friend, yes. What would I charge for it? $10k, no less.

      I just returned from my sister-in-laws wedding and by myself did a three camera shoot (two locked down and one with me). I foresee all sorts of issues (the photographers jumping in front of the locked down units, loads of flashes, bad audio on one camera – the wireless lav failed and I couldn’t stop the ceremony so I will be using the two other on camera sources, etc…). I anticipate a minimum of 200 hours, probably more on this one (I’ve already spent 40 hours or so just gathering up RF assets & music & making special titles).

      Was it worth it? For Geri & Mike, without a doubt! What would I charge for such a service? At least $20k this time.

      Weddings – As Earl said, a labor of love. They can’t or won’t pay you enough to be worth it….

      Not to say that other forms are any better – Just gave up recording a weekly gig, trying to satisfy a person who wanted a studio look but insisted on recording in the worst audio and lighting environment I’ve ever done (their living room – mirrors, windows without adequate coverings, other reflective surfaces everywhere, guests walking all over – including into my tripod, bad A/C and constant lawn crew outside, more….) – They are using someone else now and I’m fighting all sorts of issues trying to edit their footage – what used to be my bread & butter now is spoiled gruel.

      I should stick with corporate video – they are soooooo easy to please and appreciate what I do far more than most…. Oh well. Sigh….

      Just MHO.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I never liked em. Had to wear a nice shirt, nothing was going to my reel, and let’s face it, more money can be made in production where the gigs are much more fun. Havingworked for folks ranging from Sharon Osbourne to Dick Clark, I can tell you you’ll not find a pickier more ruthless client than the mother of the bride. lol no thanks. I still do em every few years or so for close frinds and family but I’d not even be happy about doing weddings for regular day rates.

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      I used to love them…now I pretty much agree with Birdcat…I’ll do them and will make them rock, but uh, you gotta may me what I’m worth….

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