How many minutes should a product advertisement DVD run?

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      I am creating an advertising DVD for some Palm Pilot software and plan to make a DVD to market it. How long can I make the video without boring the viewers into oblivion. Of course, assume my video quality is as fascinating as the opening scene of the first Gulf War. Still, people will eventually want to get at their popcorn. Is there a magic number, perhaps related to Fibonacci?


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      compusolver Wrote:

      How about a C++ programming video without a software engineer?

      C’mon Hank – There are way too many folks are doing C++ development with only a "Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours" background now anyway! 😯

      Bruce (Who’s been profossionally doing PC development since 1981 and computer programming and design since 1977)

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      Hi Hank –

      OK – Now I show my age….

      Worked professionally (at least one major program written) in:

      Languages: Assembler, C (not C++ however), Cobol, Fortran, Basic, PL/1, Pascal
      DBMS’s: NOMAD (helped write that DBMS), Access, dbVista, dBase III
      Scripting: EXEC, EXEC2. Rexx, BAT, DCL, CLIST
      PC OS’s: Windows (all flavors), OS/2, DOS
      Mini/Mainframe OS’s: OpenVMS, VM/370 (CP/CMS), MVS, OS/VS1 (MFT), OS/VS2 (MVT), MVS, DOS/VSE

      Have also played around with VB, APL, Linux, lots of others that I cannot even remember any more…..

      God, I’m getting old……

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