How many hours is too many?

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      Im currently looking at buying a camera for a very good price. The only catch is it has over 500 hours on it. It seems as though it is kept in good condition but how many hours is too many when looking to buy a product?

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      😯 500 hours sounds like TOO MANY hours to me. Why not save your mney until you can afford to buy new equipment? If not, how about renting/leasing?

      Be careful of used electronics …

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      youre probably right, but im on a low budget and this seems like a great deal.

      Panasonic DVX100 (yes I know it is old)
      500 hours, accessories included

      new DVX100 or DVX100A or B

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      problem is cameras have too many moving parts that can break down suddenly, my old TRV310 worked perfectly until one day the tape deck decided to stop playing correctly. I bought a newish cam from ebay a great deal, it worked for about 5 minutes now it tells me its in safe mode and needs to have the battery removed. So i would say dont do it.

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      I have decided not to buy that camera especially because it has gone up in price. I have found another good deal and hope to have my hands on a DVX100A soon.

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