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      Hello all,

      This may be crazy, but I’m really curious. Check out the first 30 seconds of this video – just the intro part:

      I’d like as many people to answer as possible:

      1. Would you be able to create this edit at your current skill level?

      2. How long would you estimate this edit to take – just the editing if you had all the footage ready?

      Thanks for your responses!

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      Wow! That’s totally in my face! I think I could edit this with my current skill level, unfortunately, that skill level isn’t sufficient enough to give any kind of real timeline on how long it would take me. It would take me a while, mostly because there are things I’m not familiar with how to do, but any time I come to that bridge, I figure out how to cross it. Still, nicely done!

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      Yeah, I can do that. The 3D stuff would take the longest but mainly if I had to prep 2D logos from scratch for 3D. With footage ready and I already had the concept penciled up, I could do it in 10 business days a down-n-dirty rush job in 6. Here’s a rush job I did in 2 days including mographics and 3D titles:

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      I have seen those basketballs transitions somewhere else… I think it was on Digital HotPancakes, or something like that…

      I think i could do that using a mix of Photoshop and After Effects, but honestly, i dont know how long i would take…probably a someweeks, since i can only edit videos on the weekends…

      But if you break down the video, the elements he used were actually pretty basic. I mean, for example on 00:15, he simply made a mask on the video and moved it around, and the background seems somewhat pre-made (Except the bird logo)… That doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to do it… At 00:29, he just made the 2 pictures move forward on the Z axis, and he added someelementsto the BG…No more than 8-14 minutes… If you really think, the effects were pretty easy, and he also used lots of royalty-free clips (Thebasketballs, etc…) I don’t think you should take more than 12 days to do it if youworked1-2 hours everyday…

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      While I don’t recognize those transitions specifically, Digital Juice has a slew of animated wipes (they call them Swipes) for dirt cheap (they are running Christmas specials now).

      As for the video, yes, I could do that.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      looks like a one-day open, if one had to create the elements. Many of the effects are canned effects.

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