How is this for a second try

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I have made my second "kinda trying to be professional" review.

I'm using only a webcam and cheap lights as i cant afford anything else.

Please tell me whet you think of the entire video. I worked very hard

And also how can i increase quality with this webcam.

I tried increasing lights and playing with settings. Anything else?

Thank you.

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<div><span style="font-family: Times New Roman;" face="Times New Roman"><span style="font-size: 12pt;">I would write out a narrative script and try NOT to use the word "now" at the beginning of every sentence. You used it 13 times in 2 minutes and that kills the flow. You could record each sentence separately and just add it to the time line in the correct place. Not much you can do with the video quality being a web cam. <span>A</span>re you rendering the movie in the same format as the raw footage? Not too bad for a start. Keep at it as it will always get better. </span></span></div>

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dagunner has a point on the script. I have seen your reviews before, you have a good voice for it. I do a lot of public speaking and here are a few tips.

1) DO NOT use a word for word script, why? If you use a word for word script you will "feel" tied to the script, you will have practiced it and practiced it and when time to roll, if you even forget a period, you will flub.

2) Do an outline. In this case you have only 1 topic, that is the header, "Review of Item" becomes the topic. In a 2-3 minute coverage you may want to keep the point covered to 3, think in your mind what you can say about a point in 30 seconds. So your time limit is 3 minutes here is an outline

"Review of Sandisk USB Stick"
Brief Introduction
Point 1- It has a convenient push out, pull in way to protect the connector.
Point 2- It is a cool black and red
Point 3- It is 16GB
Brief Conclusion (Quickly review main points)

That's it, As to what to say with each point? Form the "idea" in your mind, not word for word, but get the concept and idea well in mind, practice a few times, but do not attempt to be word perfect each time, follow the outline not a script. You are presenting points as ideas. And as noted avoid over using words.

The lighting appears washed out. I recall that in the past you wanted to keep the white background, that is fine. But the white can cause quite a contrast. So are you able to get some blue medical (static) gloves? If you have a friend that works in a doctors office or hospital see if they can "borrow" a pair of the blue hospital gloves. Wear them when you do the review. besides making it look really techie, it will allow some contrast color for the camera and may adjust the color/contrast for you.

I have seen your past reviews and know you enjoy this and you do very well at it. Keep it up.

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