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      Hi has anybody played around with magix movie editor pro 14, I was wondering how it compares to say sony vegas movie studio platinum pack- I cant at this stage afford any of the high end producs, so I need to stick to one of these-one thing I noticed about magix editor is that you can have 99 tracks compared to vegas’s 4, so that is a huge plus for me, yet vegas seems to be better known

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      I use it and I love it. I have some tutorials here ( and a MEP users group here: (

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      I love it too. I have been using MEP since it first arrived on the market about 10 years ago. Back then it was called Video Deluxe. It still is called Video Deluxe around the rest of the world but it is now MEP here in north america 🙂

      I have tutorials too @

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      wow, thanks guys those tutorials are really informative-this should help me gauge the product…. I see that it does support alpha masks, chroma effect- if you dont mind iv got a few questions that I would like answered before I commit to a program….

      I was wondering is there a sound editor include?

      im a 3d animator, so this is what im looking for-I render all my channels out as separate layers- ie specularity, diffuse, alpha, color etc, not only that, but each one is a bmp or still image. I then need to composite all of that together in post production. how easily can this be done?

      I heard that some video editors have limited use license- ie you buy it, then after 2 years it expires- are there any limitations like this, or once you buy it is it yours to use forever?

      are there any gotchas- ie I noticed on the website that to use 5.1 surround that is an additional fee based licence, so are there any things that you only find out after you buy the product that may be a bit disceptive, and what have you found to be the weaknesses of the product?

      does it support multiple file/video formats

      thanks in advance

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      Is there a sound editor?

      Yes, it’s the same sound engine that is in Samplitude (a $400 program) You have all of your sound mixing tools in the editor, mixing, reverb, eq, spacial, etc.

      You have 99 layers on the timeline to mix images/sound. (MEP14 Plus)

      Once you buy it, it’s yours forever. If they come out with a new version the old version will still work fine.

      You have to register the software then activate the MP4 support, MPeg2 and a couple more codecs. It’s free. But Dolby 5.1 cost 10 bucks. (that pays Dolby) then it’s yours forever.

      Weakness? Not many. I’d like a bit more control over green screening but the current controls suffice. If you use video with Alpha you will need a separate alpha version of the video to layer on the timeline. MEP14+ supports transparency embedded in stills but you need the separate alpha element for video. Not a big deal as most companies offer a separate alpha element with alpha video.

      Of course the more memory and hard drive space you have, the better any NLE will run.

      Multiple file/video? Yes and you can mix different file formats together.

      I recommend you download the free 30 day trial and try out the program. Then buy the box version.

      Go to my blog here and click on the “Get MEP14 30 day trial” free icon under my photo and grab the trial and try it out. If you decide to purchase the software please use that same icon (it helps me out) I get a small commission for directing you there. 😉

      I think you will find MEP14+ will do just about anything you will ever need. More and more people are discovering that MEP can compete with far more expensive software easily. And you will really like the sound controls. But try the demo first. It’s fully functional for 30 days and get the codecs.

      Push it to the max, really heat it up, you’ll love it. 😉


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      He is right. I have used everything from free editors to $2000 editors like Avid but I always come back to MEP. THe price is right and they have ALL the tools you need. You can do just about anything as far as audio/video editing with this package and it will not break your bank 😉

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      BTW, I do not work for Magix, I just believe in and love the product.

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      Newdog- thats what im looking for, something that isnt going to bankrupt me, but will still get the job done… thanks Aspyrider for the detailed reply ill download the trial version- at the end of the day the product will speak for itself right, but from what you are saying I think it sounds like the right tool…. and my biggest concern was the dolby thing, but for ten bucks thats nothing, and the seporate alpha channels isnt a problem for me, because like I said I render my images out, and you can save the alpha channels seporately… ill let you guys know what i think once iv played around a bit

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