How is ground shooting prevention implemented?

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      I am starting to look for a new camcorder, and as yet have not set a dollar range. I know that I would like a camcorder that will not capture more than a few seconds of footage of the ground when the camcorder is just hanging from the shoulder strap. At this time, my only digital camcorder is a JVC, which will record several wasteful minutes of ground shooting.

      Are there camcorders that will detect when they are pointing down for more than a few seconds? ( in a sense "gravity-aware")

      Or is the only way to prevent ground shooting to require that you keep a thumb on the button?

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      To my knowledge, such a feature does not exist. I think you should patent it, if it hasn’t been done already. I think it’s a great idea and feasible.


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      highmeadowhiker Wrote:

      Are there camcorders that will detect when they are pointing down for more than a few seconds? ( in a sense "gravity-aware")

      I highly doubt it. When shooting quickly and for the edit, you will want random footage [ground footage works]. This would be a pain to deal with if it stops automagically, especially if something goes haywire. Also, I see such a system having problems with high-G environments.

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      One of the main problems with this "automag-shuttoff" feature is that when recording a multicam shoot, the footage will be out of sync with the other cameras making this an editors nightmare. I suppose I wouldn’t have a problem with it if I had the option to disable it. I don’t believe it exsists, so go ahead and pattent it like suggested…I’m sure it would be a good selling point for consumer cameras.

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      It is probably already patented as a shutoff technology of some sort, just not used for video cameras for the reasons stated.

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