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      I just watched Alexander. The film was intensely graphic, so be ware. It was also kinda slow.

      Anyhow, in the battle sequences they showed extensive and deeply intimate fighting scenes with countless beheadings and elephant be-trunkings (I made that word up, If you want to use it pay me royaltees), and the one shot that I totally bought and can’t figure out. It was in the last battle scene in India. Alexander is rushing through the dudes cutting left and right, then he takes the sword and plunges it through the center of a guy and out his back.

      My question is, I know the scene was planned to the point but at what place do they make the switch to the dummy, cause I can’t see it.

      Anyway, thought I’d ask. I didn’t really like the movie or anything, just found myself questioning the “how” of it.

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      a popular theatrical trick is to have the sword fold into itself- or retract into itself -sorta like this samurai sword:

      as you stab your victim the blade is spring loaded and pushed up into the handle giving the impression it has gone into their chest.

      a longer blade is likely made like an antennae where more than area retracts.

      then they use CGI, add blood and guts to make it look like it went through to the guys back

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      A feature on the DVD version is the entire movie again, but with Oliver Stone talking through the whole film. He explains in a battle scene (other than the one you mentioned) that they added in the effects in the studio, 😯 (Just what other post says.)

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      I agree with what they are saying, its like in The Last Samurai.

      When Tom Cruise and Samurai are about to face the army at the end Tom Cruise rushes that guy he said he hates (don’t remember his name) and throws a sword right into him.

      The sword folded in on itself and the back where the blade is jutting from his body is total CG. Thats how alot of it is done these days.

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      Movies are real. They don’t use dummies or CGI

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