How good is the HD of HDV compared to real HD??

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      I have a Sony V1U camera that obiously as most of you knowrecords on HDV, I work doing commercials in Miami and I have not been ‘advertising’ as if I can deliver HD because I don’t have the editing system to process HD….well I am making a big investment buying a new editing system so I will be able to shoot HDV and edit….BUT my question is….

      One of my clients that is an agency recently shot a commercial with a competition ofmineon HD, not HDV, but withthe real HD camera Sony Cinealta. the production company gave the agency a DVD copy of the spot and when I saw it I must admit it looks very very nice, certainly A LOT better than regular standard definition video.

      My question is how good is the quality that I will be getting shooting and editing HDV compared to what I saw on real HD?, how good will the video look when I deliver a DVD to the client?… what I DO NOT want to happen is that I make all this investment to convert to HDV and advertise that I can deliver HD but then when I deliver a DVD copy to the client, it just looks like standard video…. I DO NOT want this agency to show me my DVD of his commercial that I just produced that is “supposedly” on HD quality and then show me the other DVD that my competition did on HD quality and tell me “are you trying to rob me? this is not HD…THAT (pointing at my competition) is HD!”

      Please advice….

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      First of all, full HD is 1920×1080. HDV is limited to 1440×1080.

      I would recommend that anytime you need to take footage and eventually make it to a dvd, that you shoot in the highest resolution possible. So, in your case, shooting in HDV and then converting to SD will look better than originally shooting in SD and keeping in SD. You are starting with more information with the HDV footage before compressing it to a standard dvd.

      Also, you have to remember that footage shot in full HD on a commercial camera will usually always look better than anything shot on HDV, as it is starting with more information than HDV.

      What I would recommend, is that if you can find someone one here that you trust and know that has an HDV camcorder……have them shoot some footage in HDV and then send you just a normal SD DVD of the footage and let you judge for yourself.

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      Thanks RS, well I HAVE shot HDV, pass it to standard on the editing systemand then put it on a standard DVD, it just looks like regular video.. but as I mentioned I thought that the reason was because I am not encoding or editing as HDV, I dont have the equipment yet, thats why I want to know if I make ALL THIS INVESTMENT upgrading my editing system to HD I will be getting BETTER quality or compared to what the Cinealta shoots when the client sees it on a regular DVD, if I wont then what is even the point on making all this investment?

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      Good points, Oscar. Many video pros are standing with their hands on their hips wondering the same thing.

      Now that the Blu-Ray wars are over you are now able to burn your material for high quality viewing- that is if your client has a player.

      Yes, the HD workflow is still a little primitive out of the gate, but in the long run iIt will be more cost-efficient to go HD when everything from home movies to cable to game systems are switched over.

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