How do you upload tape nowadays to your computer?

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      I recently bought an HP Pavilion dv7-4173us notebook to help edit my videos on. I shoot tape, and lo and behold when it was time to upload my tapes onto my computer for editing, I discovered the computer didn’tcome witha firewire, or 1394 port.

      I went to my local big-box retail electronics store, and was told that a $50+ octopus plug would be able to link from my Sony DSR-V10 tape player’s firewire plug into the USB port on my computer. Guess what happened when I got home — it didn’t work.

      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. I enjoy shooting tape and I recently bought a canon GL1 camaera, so I’m not looking to buy a disk-based camera anytime soon.

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      Does the computer have a card slot? it used to be that if you did not have a firewire port you could get a fire wire card that slid into the card slot and then you would have firewire.

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      I never got -any- of the cable converter soltutions to work. Got a $35 firewire card from BestBuy and never looked back.

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      Thats what I am talking about

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