How do you Right-Protect an audio CD?

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      How do you Right-Protect an audio CD, and put on author’s namefor resale? So that it won’t be copied and resold. I sell on eBay, and have been recording my own nature sounds with my video cam, edited thru Pinnacle leaving just audio of nature sounds and set to music.

      Thanks, Barbara

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      Can’t be done.

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      Well… that’s drag lol!! I guess if there is ever a dispute the best you can do is to show the date you listed & sold a cd to prove that you made it by being the first to have sold it.

      Brandon, the other posting that you helped me with about converting a MPEG-2 or 4 file to MP3, and audio cd this is what I was wanting to do. The software that you gave me a link for worked wonderfully.

      Pinnacle 10.6 does not have the option to save as MP3 or audio cd.

      Thanks again for the help, and the advice on this subject.


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      I don’t know if this works (I gotta try it one of these days). I have been told that since DVD’s & CD’s burn from the inside edge outward, if you take a nail and scratch the area outside of your burned image, copying software won’t be able to dup the disc – Anyone wanna try this? (I will try it at some point).

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      My copyright atty takes care of each project with just a form filled out. You can do it online cheaper.

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      I have heard of the scratch technique as well. It involves creating an empty file at the end of your content and doing just what Birdcat said, you scratch it. It needs to be a deep enough gouge to ruin that section though. It still plays but when the copy program goes to copy, it will get an error from that field and should not work. It just looks like crap because there is a noticeable scratch on the bottom. It may be effective, but not very professional looking. More than likely you will end up being just as vulnerable as all of the musicians and performers that produce contnet on Cd.


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