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      I’ve been at it for 2 weeks now; help!!!

      I am a Sony Vegas 5.0 user; I have been trying to render my video footage so I can burn a CD-R or DVD and upload it so I can send it/stream it out over the Internet; I was successful in saving it as an “avi” file, but the file is too large; I need to compress it, save it in the correct format, and so on. The Vegas manuals are too wordy and don’t give step by step instruction; it messes all the probabilities to gather regarding what can be done with different functions. I need step by step instructions for editing, burning, compressing, uploading, etc. Can you point me in the right direction or inform me on doing what I need to do. I’m not doing the steps right from capturing to burning to uploading. Thanks from Texas.

      respond to: brw459@yahoo if needed

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      For burning DVDs render the project as an MPEG2 file. For putting it on the web theres quite a few different formats but I always do WMV for Windows media Player. Not sure if thats what you were looking for or not but I hope it helps.

      Also check out this forum, its all about Sony Vegas


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      This just simply isnt working for me (Vegas that is!). I admit, this software is complex and professional but it isnt user friendly; even the 2 manuals I have are not laid out/organized in a step format; info is scattered and its more text written. Anyway…

      I have learned to some editing; now Im having a problem making CDs/burning DVDs. I have some live band footage (working with one song) and I cant burn a CD or burn a DVD.

      In Vegas 5.0, I select render as and have rendered as (mpg, avi, wav, wma, Scott wav) just about all formats; after rendering the options are (open; open file; close); if I select open it will play in Media Player; what I do instead is close it, then select burn CD, and select video CD.

      I have blank DVDs but Vegas wont let me burn the info to the DVD; each time I try I get a message that says please insert an rewritable DVD; or insert a blank DVD; so I try to burn to a CD and the burn starts; itll get to the end, seemingly finished, then the CD will pop out and Ill get a message that says burn was completed with no errors; at that point I will assume it is finished, but there wont be any info on the CD.

      In short, can someone send me the steps to do both: burn a DVD and a CD?

      Thank you very much. Signed, dazed and confused…and exhausted.

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      Rendering & Burning VCD/ DVD in Vegas 5 or 6.

      1) I presume u have edited ur video.

      2) Go to File & select render as ( what format ur intent to render? Mpeg1 for VCD & Mpeg2 for DVD ) , click Templete as Pal or NTSC VCD / Pal or NTSC DVD ) don’t use default templete setting!

      3) Once rendering complete it will prompt u to an option ( play/open in folder / close ). If u wanna view it just click play button! If u wanna locate which folder the rendered file is located, click open in folder! If u not going to do anything about it, simply click close to quit.

      4) VCD burning.
      Option a ) For burning those Mpeg1 to VCD. Use Nero to burn.
      Option b) You can also burn ur edited video using Vegas timeline. Go to Tools – Burn CD – click Video CD. Done ! Make sure u already inserted ur blank VCD media in ur CD burner. Also make sure ur Render Region loop is Un-tick ( if u not making any Region Loop mark on ur timeline) This will render ur whole file.

      5) DVD burning.
      Option a ) Use DVD Architect 3 ( latest version ) to prepare ur DVD Menu. Once ur menu is prepare. Go to Burnt DVD. Done!! ( simplify version! )

      Option b) Use DVD Architect 3 to prepare ur DVD file ( Folder for Audio & Video ) Then use Nero to burn ur DVD to disc.

      More detail go to :

      Search for DVDA section.

      Hope this little guide will help.

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      okay; thanks for the response, but I need more help.

      I put more time into editing;
      I rendered the footage in “avi”;
      went to DVDA and burned a DVD;
      in “my computer” I opened the DVD files;
      i copied the DVD files to my desktop;
      then i changed the “ext” on the DVD files frrom VIDEO_TS.VOB to VIDEO_TS.MPEG (I did this to both of the VOB files);
      even after i changed the “ext”, i was able to play in media player 10;
      then i uploaded to MPegNation, and it is there, again, that I loose quality;
      some areas of the footage become blotches of darkness and the faces become fuzzier/out of focus, as well as the image as a whole; it’s like the quality takes a beating each time I move the footage/file from one location to another.

      Meaning, I edit on one computer, and burn my dvd’s there as well;
      then I take that dvd to my Internet computer and copy/paste to the desktop;
      then I upload that footage to a video hoster, i.e. MPegNation;
      Note: I did tweak my video’s bit rate and rendered in MPEG2 for DVDA.

      Why do you recommend burning the dvd in Nero? Is it better than DVDA2?
      Will Nero eliminate the 6 dvd files that’s created when a dvd is burned thru DVDA2?
      Do you know of a better/more powerful video hosting site?


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