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      I recently added a 2.2 teleconverter to my X12 optical zoom Panasonic PV-GS400. I can do some amazing CUs. But, even locked down, just the wind blowing causes the image to shake! Now, what I’d like to do is capture birds in flight. If I shake on a tripod, hand held is out of the question. Does anyone know how PBS’s “Nature” or the Discovery channel videographers capture such amazing footage of birds in flight? Also, how do they handle depth of field. At high magnification, it can be pretty small. Do they shoot with one hand on the focus ring? I’m looking for any insights I can get. Thanks. Dale

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      As an amateur astronomer, I’m familiar with this problem. For high magnification you need a very sturdy and somewhat HEAVY tripod. A heavy camera helps, too. And use a good quality fluid head designed to work with a camera AT LEAST as heavy as yours.

      The professional tripods (with fluid heads) used for network programs cost in the thousands of dollars. Try browsing through the professional tripods pages at . The pros often use Miller or Sachtler brands.

      Ken Hull

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