How do I know if it’s legit?

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      I’m looking at a couple of high price cameras (FX1 and XHA1). I know the retailers like B&H are safe bets but after looking around on the internet I see the prices vary wildly. I’m not talking about obvious scams like a $999.00 price tag, but I saw the FX1 on Ebay with accessories for $3099.00. Amazon also had some good deals, but they weren’t directly from Amazon.

      How do I know if a discount seller is selling a gray market item? Can anyone suggest a trusted discounter? Thanks.

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      Personally, I stick to B&H or Amazon.

      If you find a deal that you just can’t pass up…

      Google the name of the seller. If they are scamming others, chances are good that it is being talked about on the internet somewhere.

      When I find a site for the retailers such as ePinions, I only read the negative or less than 100% positive comments. Some scammers have people who seed the internet with fake positive feedback.

      Also look at sites such as

      Always pay with a credit card. If you get scammed you will at least be able to contest the charge on your credit card. You may have less protection with a debit card.

      Good luck!

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      Shopping on eBay can save you a bundle if you’re smart about it. The eBay feedback system is a way for sellers to build a reputation of being trustworthy. It takes a long time to build up that reputation and because of that, any seller with a good one is going to protect it. So, definitely look on eBay for equipment. You can get great deals. Just do your homework and check out each sellers feedback and don’t bid on high dollar items from sellers with bad feedback. Also, make sure you read through the listing carefully to be aware of the fine print.

      For example. I would never, ever bid on an item like this one:

      The seller only 19 positive feedbacks and already a negative. If you read the feedback you will see that the last transaction was for a Gl2 that turned out to be broken. Stay far far away from this seller. On the other hand, check this one out:

      This seller has only ever had 1 non-positive feedback out of about 200. And that one was a neutral one that wasn’t even that bad. I would definitely trust this seller.

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      Also look at sites such as

      Good idea – I hadn’t heard of this site before.

      I checked out those Ebay links – the first had already ended but the second one was a Sony HDR FX-1 Pro going for $2199 with 4 minutes left. There weren’t any bids so I don’t think it will sell. I’m pretty familiar with Ebay, having been a buyer and seller suince ’99. I have 962 feedbacks with one negative. Believe it or not I still don’t trust Ebay 100% even though I’ve never had a problem and have sold many high priced items (a used car, an ATV, 20 acres of property, a dirt bike, etc). Maybe I should stick with the higher price retailers.

      I just picked up a copy of Videomaker this afternoon and I can see I have much to learn so I think I’ll hold off on buying a camera just yet. Thanks for the input.

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      I ran into this problem when I was buying my camera. I typed in canon xh a1 camera on google and results poped up saying "xh a1 for 2199" and I called them and I said how can you sell that camera for that low and they said those are inport models meaning they lack major functions like flipout screen or atuo focus or all auto functions. So think of it like a major striped down car.
      I would trust Amazon and pay a little more and you know it is legit. Or ebay and find a good deal but do some ebay tutorials before so you avoid scames.

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      I would stick with B&H photo, they have never done me wrong.

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