How do i get a cartoony image???

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      How do i get if possible, a cartoony image from a sony high def camera??

      I was thinking about using it gamma function.

      Any ideas????

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      camera doesn’t mean as much as image processing. You would need some sort of effects program or be really good at tweaking some basic effects in most NLEs. Watercoloring and edging being the major effects needed.


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      in final cut you could try duplicating your clip into a new layer. set a blending mode on the top layer (say softlight) and applying a gausian blur (try a high amount).

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      Yea, i agree with the others. You may have to do some post production work to achieve what you want.

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      Oh boy are you folks gonna love this. NewBlueFX writes plug-ins for all the major (and a lot of the minor) NLE’s. The are top notch additions to every NLE. I suppose they are moderately priced, it’s out of my budget for a while. Except for one.

      They are currently GIVING AWAY for FREE their new CartoonR plug-in. It is “ridiculously easy to use” and I will attest to that. They are trying to sell you things though. Whenever I use it on my timeline, it causes an advert to pop up, inviting you to visit their web site and perhaps make a purchase. I just close the window and start fine tuning to get the effect I want.

      Go to to get the FREE plug-in. I’ve posted the video I made the first time I played with CartoonR on YouTube right here (should that go awry, I’m BarefootMedia there too.)

      I don’t know how long they are giving CartoonR away, so get the plug-in for your NLE soon.

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      Idk its seems a little weird but oh well free!!! lol I was looking at some of your other youtube videos and a saw a video called a wintery walk and i was wondering what program that you used to make the snowflakes in the background and the words scroll across the screen and stuff?

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