How do I edit my D5100 video?

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      When I try to edit the video from my Nikon D5100, it is incredibly slow and stuttery in whatever video editor I try to use. If I convert it, the quality gets significantly degraded. Is there any way to fix this?

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      Sounds like you may need more computer power. Could you post the specs on the computer you are using and someone will be able to better respond. Also note what editing programs you have used.

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      What size is the format you are editing in, if it is not 1080 it will slow your system down greatly if it is not a beast of a machine.

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      Sorry, I should have mentioned that. It’s a PC with 4GB of DDR2 ram and
      Core 2 Duo processor. I haven’t had trouble like this editing videos on
      it before. I tried on my laptop which also has 4GB of ram and a Core i5
      processor. I have edited videos without trouble on both my machines, so I
      am thinking that it is the format of my camera. That’s why I now wonder
      if there’s format I can convert it to that still looks good while
      actually allowing me to edit.

      The video resolution is 1920×1080. I tried Adobe Premiere Pro (that would take ages to render a preview), Sony Vegas (the one just below the pro version, I believe), TrackAx PC (that crashed before I could do anything) and Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 silver.

      Also, does the bitrate affect much at all? My video’s bitrate is 20749.

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      If you have Photoshop, convert the images to PSD files and then Premiere should be able to handle them easier as I have noticed that it does not like JPEG’s as much as PSD files.

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      I’m not sure what files your Nikon generates but my Canon 60D makes .mov files (no other choice or info) and they jitter like heck in Premiere Pro CS3 unless I convert them to mpg (type 2) using Corel Video Studio – export as 60i for HDV.

      So it really depends on the file type generated, the codec and whether or not your editor is tuned for that…plus your computer of course.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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