How do I do Chroma Key?

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      I do not know and cannot figure out how to do this. I have Magix edit pro 14. Sorry if I seem simple, but I am just learning how to do this. Thanks for any help.

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      did you shoot your subject in front of a solid colored background, preferably green or blue?

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      Yes, it was light blue. I hate to admit this, but I finally read the instructions (duh). My wife is always telling me to read the instructions before I start a project. 🙁

      When I mixed it in the video fx tab, it comes through but is very light and it looks like both are transparencies.

      Bye the way, I did get a “I told you so” from you know who. Thanks for your reply.

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      That is why green is always prefered over any other color.It a color farthest from any color tone.

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