How Do I Digitize a DVCPRO Tape?

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      Hi all,

      I volunteer for a non-profit organization. We had a production company create a video for us. They sent us all the raw footage on tapes (DVCPRO AJ-P126L) and a DVD with the Final Master Video on it in .VOB format.

      Long story short, our rights to a song on the video will expire soon. Since I can not cut out the music on the VOB file, I need to get the tape footage onto the computer and rebuild the Video. I have a high end computer that I built myself. I’m a computer nerd thats why they asked me to help with this project. lol – I’ve never done any *real* video editing before, just playing around with home videos from a DVD Cam.

      My question: What do I need to purchase to read/encode/decode these tapes onto my computer. I’ve looked into purchasing a deck but I’m not sure exactly what I need. Since this will be something we plan on continuing (creating our own videos) I don’t mind purchasing the equipment. I just need some direction. Thanks for your help.


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      if you need to bring in an analog source, you need a convertor. I recommend canopus. At a minimum you’ll need the 110, the 300 is nice with a built in time base corrector. If you have a dvcpro deck with firewire, just simply plug it into your computer’s firewire port start your nle capture program and savethe tapeto your computer for editing.

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      Ok, lets see if I understand this. I need to have the following:

      1. NLE capture Program (I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS3)

      2. A Capture Card (Canopus 300)

      3. A DVCPRO Deck with Firewire connection.

      Am I missing anything? Thanks again!

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      if all you’re capturing is dvcpro and not anything like s-vhs, vhs, hi-8 (analog sources), then you don’t need a capture card provided that you have a firewire port on your computer. Again, you only need a convertor if your source comes from an analog output.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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