How do I copy from my own burned DVD? To reuse clips.

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      First let me say that this is not for illegal purposes.

      Last year, I did my sister’s wedding video and I produced the DVD. I am now wishing to put some of that material onto a sample DVD for my promo. Also, I would like to create a new DVD for her.

      Now that I have a lot more experience in Wedding video and DVD production, I’d like to make something nice for her.

      I used Pinnacle studios plus to do the first DVD. Needless to say, their software is not very friendly to other applications.

      Because of the lack of storage space I had at the time, I only saved some of the material from her wedding. The rest is on the actual DVD.

      MY NEEDS:
      I need to download the movie and convert the video back to a usable format. Unfortunately every method I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work.

      What I tried:
      Using Cyberlink program to download the individual VOB clips that autmatically turn them back into MPG files. Some worked and some didn’t. But then when I try to input them into an authoring program such as Adobe or Final Cut Pro, it will not accept them.

      I tried using DVD Decryptor but it says the DVD is messed up. So it goes no further than analyzing the disk.

      I tried looking through the Final Cut and Adobe software for DVD download and I can’t find it in either peice of software.

      After different means of extracting the files from the dvd:
      1 In final cut the MPG has no sound attached to the files.
      2 Windows Movie maker won’t input the files for use because they are corrupted.
      3 Adobe tells me the same thing.

      I know for a fact it is not just this DVD. I have tested other Old DVD’s I have made with these three methods. My newer ones work fine (probably because I use FInal Cut studios.) But I need these older ones. The ones I made with Pinnacle PLus.

      Does anyone have a suggestion? Please help.

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      (At the consumer level) DVDs are not a particularly good archival media. They are great for distribution/exhibition (making copies for brides and watching on movie or TV screen). If there is the remotest possibility that you will want to do a re-edit, or compile a demo or greatest hits etc. (in 6 minutes, 6 months, or 6 years), save your finished product to another media: firewire out to miniDV or Digital8 (yes, this is still a good media for this purpose); even S-cable to S-VHS (or firewire possible in some decks) would be superior to saving the original of your masterpiece to DVD for re-edit purposes. Hard drive storage beats them all, but not practical for majority.

      Feel free to reign on my parade if I have missed a breakthrough during my latest nap. Id love to be wrong on this one.

      Can you go back to your original tapes and re-do the edit from scratch. No question this will give you the best quality.

      In a very few unique situations, I have shot material off of a TV screen for clients. (That blimey macrovision thang%@*&). After some practice with settings and whatnot, I have gotten very good results (if not superior) and never an unhappy word from a client. I wouldnt be surprised if you got better quality from this technique vs recycling your compressionitis plagued DVD dub back into the rack. (But I wouldnt be surprised the other way either; since youre trying everything, wouldnt hurt to try this too.)

      Stay Cool

      REGARDS TOM 8)

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      DVD Decrypter in ISO mode, rip the entire disc, reburn it [or use magicISO or similar to extract the files], it *should* work. I ripped a broken [literally, one side of the disc was snapped through] DVD this way for a client where I used to work, got it playing.

      Note: Set it to retry once and then continue on [I forget the exact options]. This will take a LONG time, but it should work.

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      There is another option but it will cost a few hundred dollars. Buy an analog-to-digital converter box. An example would be Canopus. (

      You play your DVD through a regular DVD player with the analog plugs and/or S-Video into the converter box. The box is hooked up to the computer by firewire. You will lose a small amount of quality but the viewer won’t know the difference. How the video is handled in the computer depends on your software. If you have an Apple, it easily imports into iMovie. The box has the additional benefit of allowing you to record from TV, VHS, etc.

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      Try Ulead Video Studio at It’s a good working package, coming with 30 day tryout. You may possibly buy it out after you are done with your project for something around $100.

      With Ulead VS you will be able to import your entire DVD and edit a new one. It’s fully functional for 30 days, worth trying.

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