How do I convert 8mm video cassette to DVD?

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      I have some old 8mm video cassettes that I want to convert to DVD’s. I just bought a DVD recorder and wondered if I could just plug the camera up to that and start recording using the video camera display screen as the monitor. I know how to capture it to my computer and then burn to DVD, but I just wanted to bypass that process and record directly to DVD. I have no interest in editing these tapes, but just transferring them.


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    Sounds like you’ve got everything you need. Just plug in the AV line out to the DVD recorder’s line in, then follow the DVD manufacturer’s instructions for recording from a line input.

    Have fun. And you might want to retension your tapes before recording them to sweep off any loose oxide common on old, stored tapes. It’s also a good idea to acquire a cleaning tape to keep the heads clean while transferring your 8mm tapes.

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    Thanks! I thought is should be that easy, just didn’t know before getting started. Just wanted some input form someone that has done it before, or just knows.

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