How do i careate smoother motion from jerky 30p files?

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      I shoot video on my Panasonic TZ5 camera and the video is abit
      jerky, hence i want to recreate the “100HZ” effect that i have seen on LCD tv
      sets, figuring out that my PC is more then capable to pull this off i have no
      idea how to archive that in Premier

      TZ5 shoots 720P Mjpeg MOV files which are 30p, i have premiere cs4+twixtor
      plugin (trial)

      I would like to create smoother looking 30p, or smoother 60p, which is
      please what to do?

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      You’re encountering the limitations of shooting in 30P. The monitor shows you a live feed at 60P (sixty frames per second) but the camera can only record a maximum of 30P (thirty frames per second).if you’re looking for the smooth 60i/60p look, the Panasonic cannot do that . Your only option is to learn to shoot for 30P (or 24P), moving the camera like a film camera, tracking objects when panning, etc.

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