How do I capture great audio in a classroom?

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      I am going to be doing some filming of teachers in an elementary classroom. I have been trying to figure out the best audio configuration for this type of environment.

      In most situations it will be a teacher and a small group of students. I will have the teacher on a lapel mic, but I am not sure about a mic set-up for the small group of students. The students will most likely be sitting or working around a rectangular or kidney-bean shaped table. Any recommendations for this type of set-up?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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      I’m not sure of what equipment you have at your disposal, but maybe a digital recorder with a mic set up central to the kids so you can get room tone and pick up the teacher as well so you can sync the lapel mic audio. Be careful about placement though, I am not so sure that you want to actually have it on the table where they are, some kids are pretty fidgetty, could pick up vibrations. Maybe set up a shot gun mic on a stand.


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      Maybe you coud hang an omnidirectional mic from the ceiling.
      (Got gaffer’s tape? 😀 )
      Ken Hull

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