How do I break up Available Elements into separate clips?

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      I’ve been using the free Windows MovieMaker software for a few years and now I’ve just switched to Adobe Premiere Elements (3.0). I have an avi file which I downloaded from a video camera ages ago (and no longer have the source tape). The .avi file has tons of different scenes which I’d like to break up into separate clips in my Available Media section. I’ll probably use less than half the clips in my movie and will be re-arranging them, so I’d rather not drag the entire clip into my time line. Is there any way to break up a clip in your Available Media section into separate clips? I couldn’t figure out a way to do this.

      In general I’d like to create my own clips AFTER downloading a video camera tape onto my machine. I found that was the best way to do things in Windows Movie Maker because it was never very good at automatically creating clips directly from the tape.

      Please help.


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