How do i apply effects on Sony Vegas

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Hi guys im editing with sony vegas pro 11 and its tedious adding effects to one video at a time. Is there anyway whereby effectsto a clipcan be copy & pasted onto the nest clip without having to manually apply FX all over again.

Also im editing a music video and i want to add an effect whereby the singer takes off her head can anyone help with advice pls


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You can create plug-in strings, and go to each clip and add. This allows multiple effects to be copied to any clip or track.

You can also add effects to the TRACK and it will affect all clips on that track.

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If you want to apply the same FX to multiple clips, copy the first one, click the next one, right-click and select "Paste Event Attributes". This works if you select multiple clips as well.


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How do i creat plug in strings?

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At this point it would be a good idea to consult the "Help" menu and print out the documentation file associated with the software and have a read.

Vegas Pro is an extremely powerful program, intuitive in many ways, but it does require a bit of effort on the user's part to discover how it works.


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in the effects window where would see the "chain" of effects, there is a button there to save the chain, give it a name and presto, you have a saved plugin chain.