How Did They Do This in Nikon Video?

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      On Nikon’s website for the DSLR D300S they show a D-movie by Robert Bosch that I found interesting. It’s listed under D-movie Productions on the product page. I like how the video was made. Particularly the mountain biking segment where there is live action, then still photos, then they zoomed up on the still photos.

      How do you do that? Is this a professional technique that would be beyond my reach as a beginner or is there software that would help me overcome the difficulty of creating something like this. I would love to be able to apply this kind of video to some projects I want to make. Can someone explain this to me and/or point me in the right direction for more info? Thanks.

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      it looks like mostly they are creating freeze frames from recorded video and then applying motion to the freeze frame.

      If you enlarge the freeze frame too much, you will get pixelation, however, this was probably shot in HD. So delivering to web gave them some wiggle room.

      It’s not hard to do. Research the Ken Burns effect. I’m sure any editing program can do this.

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      shooting with a dslr gives you a lot of pixels for applying ken burns effects.. you can shoot video and stills simultaneously on most dslrs.

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