How can I use Youtube as an online gallery?

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      I am a videographer that would like to use youtube as an online video gallery. I would like to upload my videos from an event into a playlist, and then allow the customer to purchase the video. Once purchased, they would have the full use of the video to embed, share, etc from youtube. If the customer would like to customize the video, they would email me, and then I could customize the video and upload it to youtube for them. I would like to use the paypal to handle the checkout for the videos. Can this be done via you tube? or other software?

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      Grinner Hester

      Nobody is gonna buy a youtube video but you can create a channel to promote your clips. You can then offer uncompressed clips available for download…using the youtube clips as a preview.

      You may want to upload to or vimeo. They bboth offer much better quality than youtube’s HD quality.

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      About getting a Youtube video uploaded in HD, it really isn’t worth it, other than the fact that you get a bigger display size. With the typical nature of online video, uploading in HD really doesn’t compensate, at least not with my experience of watching HD on Youtube. The process takes longer to stream and upload, resulting in a slight (barely noticeable) crisper image.

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      you can use also

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      Another option is to use a Video Marketing site (similar to iStock). There are a few out there to choose from. A new site is on the horizon that you can sign up for a Beta… Details are in my signature! Hope this helps!

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      I posted on Exposureroom and they took them down. They said my video of racing will not interest their viewers? Other forms of racing are on their site. They are NOT recommended by me at all.

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      Give us some more info about your customers and these events and maybe we could come up with other ways to use YouTube for profit.

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      First off, VIMEO may well be preferable for hosting your videos if you are in the US or you upload at 24 or 30 frames per second, (or 60i). However, if you are in the UK, as I am, and shoot 50i or 25p, then Vimeo looks positivelyjuddery. I find Youtube HD to be quite excellent, providing you process your footage correctly.

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