How can I say Thanks?

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      I’m making my first no-budget feature film, with a few friends and a girl. The girl’s grandmother are willing to bring her everytime we need her on the set. She have been so wonderful driving around with us. Also my friends have been so wonderful, as well. Once we had a a very hot day, two actors wore a full length black clothes in the heat for two hours!

      As I’m making this a no-budget film, I want to say a very BIG thank you to all of the actors and to show how much I appreciated their involvements especially on hot days and on weekends. How can I do that?
      Any suggestions to give them a big thank-you?

      Organise a big celebration party for them for completing the film and give them a chance to watch it first? Give them some gifts? A copy of the film? Or give them a recorgnisation at the red carpet premiere?

      Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

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      I guess a premier screening during a week in Monaco for all is out of the question?

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      Why not all of the above? Have a big party in the evening when the film is complete and set yourself up a projector outside like a drive-in. Have a big party (maybe a luau) and bbq a pig! Then give each cast member a copy of the film and maybe a gift as well. (BTW can I come?)

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      Hey thanks!

      Hmm..I think that would be a great idea, hiring a projector and have a big party. I think I’ll just do that.


      It’s a no-budget film, so don’t expect anything!! πŸ˜‰


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