How can I restore a project to an earlier time?

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      Pinnacle crashed, my project went weird and the system asked if I wanted to save, in my panic I said yes. Now I have a blank project and my last two weeks work is lost. Help!! How can I retreive my project from an earlier time, before the fatal crash!!

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      That’s a great question. I’ve had the same thing happen before also. I screamed…for a long time. To my knowledge, there is no way to go back. That’s why I started rendering as I go. I know that answer sucks, someone else smarter than I might know a way. Sorry dude.

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      Hardy i cant help with your Initial problem , but i had the same thing happen to me . and ever since then i save the movie files as such

      First one ( example movie file ) Mymovie then when i have been editing and changing for maybe 20 min i then save it as Mymovie1 then 20 min later mymovie2 and so forth — that way if there is a huge stuff up — i only loose a little rather than the whole lot …. easyt o back track also if you dont like your last edit …

      hope this helps in some way


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      The easiest fix is buying different software. I’m so tired Pinnacle and its glitchy crashes all the time.

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      Moglepro – true – but the only downside to that is then re learning the new software and all the little tricks …..

      sometimes very time consuming


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      Thanks BOC, I’ve actually started doing the same thing, you just have to remember to zap all the old ones every now and then. I also don’t want to try any other packages, as they say better the devil you know…..I just wish someone had warned me before I’d spent so much time and then lost it all.

      Cheers people.

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      Hi Guys, I’m new round here but not new to Pinnacle.

      I’ve been suffering with this programme for about 5 years, crashes galore, lost files, computer locking up… you know the story, I’ve tried other editing programmes with similar experiences. However, about 9 months ago I bought a new super fast PC with 2 gb of memory and since then there hasn’t been a single problem.

      Rendering speed is unbelievably fast, no dropped frames, a 10 min clip with effects, overlays, music tracks etc can be finished in a couple of minutes.

      I also find now I can transfer from my camcorder via firewire to Pinnacle in .mpg format in real time, no slowing down, then edit in .mpg but I feel the quality is not quite as good as editing in .avi and finishing and saving as .mpg for DVD

      I wonder if anyone else has seen a difference in editing using these 2 formats.

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      Hi Guys,

      I suffered the same problem and could not retrieve the project,

      I do the same as Boc.

      I have also changed the way I approach my projects using chapters and menu.

      I had many chapters relating to differnt subjects for aa project. Could have up to 13 different clips as chapters – got real messy on the time line and wass hard to find

      the start an stop of the project.

      Now I tackle one chapter at a time and create / render it as an AVI file. I do this for all the chapters, save them in one folder and then bring them back into the time line

      as seperate AVI files. 13 chapter = 13 files

      Easy as pie to create DVD menu and Chapters and takes no time to create a DVD as the resource hungry work has already been done with each Cahpters AVI.

      I have just iupgraded to Studio 11 ultimate. I LOVE it. No crashes to date and very fast. Had 10 and went back to 9. !) was nothing but problems.

      Couldn’t get Smart Sound to work in Studio 11. I wanted it as I have a large Smart Sound Library.

      Tried all the fixes/suggestions from Pinnacle to get it to go – no way. I was going mad. Smart Sound sent me a “special CD collection offer” and when checking on compatability

      I found “small print” stating smsart sound does not come loaded for Studio 11 and that a free patch must be downloaded for it to work.

      I downloaded, installed and it runs no problems at all – yahoo.

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