How can I make a waterproof case?

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hello people of Videomaker:

      I recently bought a Sony Handycam DCR SR47 for the primary purpose of using
      it to stormchase lightning. Since is so small I can always carry it in my
      pocket or a small bag and quickly capture the unpredictable lightning, but the
      only problem is that the camcorder will get wet by the rain. I was looking over
      the underwater casing for the camcorder but it’s ridiculously expensive and I
      will not buy this just to protect it from rain. I have try using plastic bag in
      other camcorders but because of the wind and the rain sometimes the bag cover
      the lens and if I move it away I could lose a lightning striking at that
      precise second. In video footage of lightning every second, better said, frame is vitally important.

      Does anyone have any suggestion to make a homemade casing to protect the
      camcorder from the rain? I will try a few things but any recommendation will be

      Thanks in advance

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      You might give the following website a try if you are of the handy DIY type. They have a few interesting camera covers for protecting against water. even ones good for about 15ft depth.

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