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      <b id=”internal-source-marker_0.07214070321060717″><span>Hey guys, in this post is a very short video I made about 10 (I think) months ago. I know there are some problems with it, like the tracks I put in were poorly placed, and the scope on the sniper could have been done much better. Other than that, can you guys please tell me how to improve my videos in the future? Anything would be appreciated.. I want to be the best that I can. Thanks guys! </span>
      <span>If you did enjoy it though.. please leave a like or a comment? ;)</span></b>

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      You should inspire to film a subject other than using guns. In wake of this Colorado thing I am now sick of all the FPS shooter games out there. Your editing is not bad for a first attempt. Just look at getting into a different story line.

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      Sound effects were good colorcorrection were pretty good music was good. It was all around nice I kinda agree with dagunner but I think you can still make gun videos but to get a lot of views you have to make your video stand out so try to add twist or somthing like that.

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      It’s not so much a question of getting a different story line as it is of getting a story line at all. What is the story here? A bunch of kids running around the yard shooting each other hardly seems like a “video.” It’s more an exercise to see if the camera works. The framing of many of the shots seems haphazard and we never really have an opportunity to form any kind of empathetic connection with the people who are shooting at each other.

      If you want to progress as an independent videographer, focus first on story, then on shooting and composition, finally on the edit, music, etc.


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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      You did a good job with the video, but like others mentioned you should consider making videos of other subjects. There are SO MANY gun videos on YT just like yours that honestly it get boring. Like Jack mentioned you should focus on the story, because the video well it does not have any storywhatsoever. Who are thecharacters? Why are theyshootingeach other? Why are they looking to accomplished? What’s their goal? You can follow the steps of the hero’s journey to craft your stories. This step are really useful to start making decent stories.

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      Watch lots of movies and pick them apart for what they are doing to get the story told effectively

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