How can I add a scoreboard and/or running clock to a video

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Hi Forum,

I'm a novice videographer and my daughter's record soccer games on the weekends. I would like to add a scoreboard and running clock to the video. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I have search online and one suggestion was to use subtitles. Is that possible? Would it have to be done frame by frame? I also read that it would require a re-encode of the video which would degrade the video quality. Thanks for any help.

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I think imovie on the mac has a score card feature.... as for the running clock, beats me... might be easier to have a camera on an actual clock during the game, then use a "picture in picture" effect after synching the two video sources in post.....

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Lee had it correct - Here is a step by step with two ways.

Simple way or for a single video clip (if you have a wide view of the whole game from a fixed tripod):

1) Put some video on the timeline. From the Video FX tab, select Timecode and then Time & Frames and drag that to the video on the timeline

2) Select the format you want - Time & Frames or Time would be good choices - Also the default placement is bottom right but you can change this to certain presets (better way to do this follows)

3) Drag the effect tot he clip on the timeline and make any changes to your positioning or format

For a clock that spans multiple video clips or for more exact positioning:

4) Insert a blank text clip for as long as you'd like to see the clock as track 1, then drag the timecode fx to that track - This gives you the ability to make the clock appear for as long as you want it, spanning multiple clips or only showing up for a portion of time - It also gives you the ability for exact placement (next)

5) Now using track motion, you can drag the clock to wherever you want it, including having it move around (using keyframes).

Hope this helps!

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For a scoreboard, just use one of the text options (like step 4 above) or what could be really neat is to have still photos or video of the actual scoreboard and put it in as their own track and make it a PIP using something like step 5 above, only instead of using track motion on the timecode event, do it to the scoreboard photos/videos track. If this confuses you lemme know and I'll do another step by step.

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