How big a deal is PAL recording?

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       I’ve only done PAL once but I selected the format during export.  One of Sony’s camcorders is getting a firmware update to record in PAL.  With HD being a uniform standard and editing platforms taking care of the final format, why worry about what the video being recorded in?

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      Changing the frame rate in post can do nasty things to the look of your footage.

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      PAL is the standard used by many European and British Commonwealth countries. It is what I use as a matter of course, and I have never been able to understand why its use is not universal as it has a greater number of ‘lines’ (as compared with NTSC, known, in some quarters, I believe as ‘Never The Same Colour Twice’, or at least, it was, in its early days). PAL, also uses 25 frames/sec as standard, as pointed out by ‘doublehamm’. Having, on occasions transcoded a bit of stuff to send to friends in the US into NTSC, I cannot see myself changing, anytime soon.

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      PAL, NTSC and SECAM are different video colour systems or standardsusedin different countries.Exporting in PAL or NTSConly becomes acritical issue,ifwhat you are exporting is destinedfor TV broadcasting.

      Modern domestic electronic appliances, TV receivers, DVD players etcare multi-system, these automatically detectinput system/signal type& playback normally.

      HD (like SD)is able to berecorded in any system, PAL, NTSC etc.

      I would be interested in designcbtscomments “SONYcamcordersare getting firmware update to record in PAL”. Is there a link to follow that up?

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       I’m just a small, home-based videographer.  I prefer delivering in Blu-Ray.  This PAL experience just reaffirms my preference.  As Rocky mentioned, I didn’t notice and color problems with my PAL discs.  I was surprised that they played on my XBOX 360.



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      I put this conundrum to my Electronic Engineer son and this was his reply:(in response to Jeff Pulera)


      This is obviously written by someone who knows a little but thats where it ends.

      Yes the framerates USED to be derived from the electrical signal but that is an analogue throwback. Now days the frame rate is determined by onboard clocks in the digital devices. IN digital broadcasts there is even a signal sent over the air referred to as the PCR which is used to sync the clock that is used to determine the framerate.

      The only reason why american systems use 29.97Hz is because thats what they used on the old equipment, to say that it is a good idea to keep your format in 29.7 in case it gets played on NTSC equipment is also a load of croc. NTSC equipmant is STANDARD DEFINITION equipment and will not play your HD video because of that NOT because of the frame rate. If the equipment can play HD then it is a digital system and can handle any frame rate whether that be 25,26,27,28,29,30 frames per second.

      Please stop drinking the frame rate coolaid – analogue is analogue and digital is digital – NTSC and PAL should ONLY be mentioned when referring to analogue video, the frame rate of both is merely a side effect.

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      In deference to the world's foremost video expert, Dr. Gideon Peter Tunguy-Demarais, I have removed my offending post. 


      Best regards,


      Jeff Pulera

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        i m live in india i have sony handycam DCR-HC30 this is only NTSC Recording System do i can pal Recording System


      plz help me

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