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      Help make better by filling out a survey.

      A free download of Cutting on Action will be available at the end of the survey.

      With your feedback we can make the site even better!


      (note: The survey is now closed. There will be more don’t worry if you missed it.)

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      Is this sanctioned by the powers that be at Videomaker? I was NOT inclined to go further than the splash page from the link posted and would NOT do so unless I read or received some authentication and endorsement from a VM staff member or management. I very nearly deleted this post due to my suspicion that it is NOT sanctioned or authorized by VM and is in some way a self-serving effort by you to promote yourself or something other than helping make better …

      Care to explain a bit more about what this is all REALLY about before I take it down or bring it to the attention of VM powers that be?

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      When I went to the video maker main page a little while ago I got a pop up window inviting me to take the survey to make better.


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      Unless he made a fake LinkedIn page to make it look like he works for Videomaker, I’d say he’s legit…

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      The link goes to Yes, definitely sanctioned and encouraged.

      I made the survey short but as open as possible. It comes with a free download.

      We have big plans and we want your feedback about what is working and what is not.

      @Earl thanks for being skeptical. One of my hopes is that we can make the forums easier to manage for moderators.

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      Well I for one am thankful for Earls constant vigilance, and surprised he didn’t get informed about this earlier.

      Oversight by the powers that be for sure, but now that the issue is cleared up… I’ll do the survey.

      Thanx Earl!

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      now having done the survey, my free download (said it was……/Marketing/…..pdf) came up as “Page not found”


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      Tai is our staff web developer extraordinaire. You’ll see that he now has “Administrator” status in the forums.

      We are in the process of redesigning the entire web site. We will also be soliciting feedback specific to the forums in the coming months.

      The URL for the free download had a typo. The word “Marketing” should have been “marketing”.……/Marketing/…..pdf
      -should have been-……/marketing/…..pdf

      @Don, I obfuscated the URL in your post.

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      Thanks for the clarification Mr. Clark, that is initially what threw up my radar, that Tai was listed as “member” in status and in checking I saw that he’d been “signed up” since last October. I now also look forward to participating in the survey.

      Also, it is much more helpful when the status shows “staff” “administrator” or some other official designation other than “member” … I KNOW you KNOW that, but just to keep this kind of confusion from happening again.

      Thanks again. As always, I continue to enjoy my role here and appreciate the faith and trust in the management, moderators and staff … not to mention the enjoyment and pleasure of exchange of ideas and information among a GREAT bunch of video enthusiasts who for the most part know how to treat others with respect.

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      Thank to you to those who participated in the feedback survey. I am encouraged by the positivity of the responses. Lots of great ideas and useful feedback.

      Look out for more specific surveys in the coming future. I will be sure to post links to them here in the forums.

      Thanks again.

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      no problem, sorry I didn’t think the url was valid, and just wanted to clarify, would have been smarter to just private message somebody… it turned out to be a good read, thanx for fixing it for me!

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