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      I would just like to suggest a forum where we can comment on aspects of the vidcast. I have been greatly enjoying my once a week fix of video news and information in the vidcast, and would just like to see a forum to discuss the vidcast with others.

      Also, in this week’s vidcast (episode 11) there was a question about 16:9 aspect ratio and camera settings. I just wanted to make a point that I think is relevent to some users. Some cameras such as the Canon GL2 for example do not have oversized 4:3 chips. It was mentioned in the vidcast that cameras will not have 16:9 settings unless there are oversized chips. That is not correct. The way I understand it is that the 16:9 settings on cameras such as the GL2 and XL1 simply use the standard 4:3 chip, not oversized, and essentially crop off the top and bottom. This technique would essentially be the same as creating 16:9 content from a 4:3 video in post. On the other hand, cameras such as the XL2 or in HDVland the Sony FX1 and Z1 have 16:9 chips. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


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      Thanks for the suggestion Adam. we’re setting it up right now.

      And regarding widescreen, please post your paragraph again (with a new title). I’m interested in responding and I think others will be also.


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