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      OK. I used Premiere Pro 1.5 (no I haven’t upgraded yet) to create an AVI movie file. Used Encore 1.5 to author the DVD. The DVD would skip and freeze up in a DVD player, but play great on a computer. So I tried Roxio, same thing. I tried changing settings on both programs, 3 different brands of DVDs and 23 DVDs later my wife suggested changing out the DVD-R burner. The new DVD burner worked with Roxio, which let me finish the project, but it still did not remedy the Encore problem! The DVDs will skip at different times on different discs. They never skip at the same time on different discs. Is there a patch that I am missing? Am I just doing something wrong? I have never had this problem with Premiere Pro or Encore before. Is Adobe 2.0 worth the money to upgrade? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      How big is the video? I have found that you get errors like you describe when the size of the video is near the capacity of the Disc. A way around it in Encore is to use a custom size disc and limit the size to 10% of the disc capacity. Therefore, using a 4.7 GB DVD you would set the size to around 4.2 GB. I found better results by setting it to 4096 mb or rounded to 4.1 GB. I had 1.5.1 and upgraded my whole suite to 2.0 and I love it.

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      The video was not even 1 gb in size. So I was nowhere near the max capacity for DVDs. Thanks for the tips. I might just have to spend the money and upgrade!

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      Are you sure it wasn’t the DVD player? My player was doing that on nearly every DVD I rented, but they worked on my comp and other players. The player finally gave out…gotta replace it now.

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      This is a bitrate issue. The maximum bitrate for DVD 9.8MBps total. The max for video is 8.0MBps. The problem lies in the recordable format. While most every player will read recordable discs, the "reflectiveness" of recordables is not as great as a stamped disc. The player has a more difficult time reading burnt discs. If the bitrate is too high, its almost guaranteed to skip or "choke". Bottom line is that there is too much information trying to be read at any point in time. If the player can’t keep up, it skips. Its common practice to lower your encoding bitrate to no more than 7.0MBps for video.

      I too had this problem. I lowered my bitrate settings and never again have I had the problem.

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