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      How many hours do you have on your camcorder? WHat is considered a lot of hours?

      Can you explain the following: Its from a guy who is trying to sell me his cam.

      Operation 4 x 10

      Drum Run 2 x 10

      Tape Run 1 x 10

      Threading 3 x 10

      Are these numbers considered low, high, medium?

      Why does each category have different numbers?

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      Okay here are my thoughts. I’m not 100% sure of so don’t take this to heart. It just seems to make sense. Everything seems to equal 10. So I’m figuring he is saying that

      Operation is 4/10 of the used time.

      Drum Run = 2/10 of the time. (I’m not quite sure what he means by this although it probably has something to do with the mount of time on the drums).

      Tape Run = 1/10 – How much time the tape was viewed on this camcorder.

      Threading 3/10 – Probably means something like… The amount of time finding his place on the tape before playing.

      Personally, I would not buy the camera. How old is the thing? you might be better off buying a new camera.

      90% of this time, you’re gonna get screwed buying a used camera.

      Good luck.

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