Hour Meters- Sony V1U

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      Hi gang,

      Could someone tell me what is consider “low hours” on a mini DV camera?

      I’m looking at the Sony V1U. Also what is considers “high hours” I know where to locate the info for the reading, I just don’t know what users would say is “low use”

      Thank you

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      I’m not sure what’s considered high or low. That’s subjective, of course. But to give you some perspective, I had a Sony PD170 that had over 800 hours and it was working perfectly fine when I sold it; however, some might say that’s a lot of hours.

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      Oh ya, I just bought this camera used. It has 170 hours of operation on it, I didn’t think that was very high. I bought it for $2000 with a wireless G3 Kit and camera light.

      So, I think I got a pretty good deal.

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